Fantasia: The Black Centaur

The 1940’s Fantasia film will forever be an unforgivable flaw in the world of Disney. ‘The Pastoral Symphony’ begins very magical, set in a dream land with the music of a graceful orchestra, it all seems very wonderful and neat. Then all of a sudden appears this young black girl on the ground, polishing the shoe of a blonde, white lady. This racist scene cannot be denied nor defended. It is an animated example of black slavery which should never, ever have been even considered to be broadcast as a public film. So the message that Disney implied, is that in a perfect world, we would have black, lower class slaves to cater to a white person’s every need. Who’s sick idea was that and in what world did they think that was fair and acceptable to include in a film about fantasy? The film was cut due to the public voicing their outrage over the scenes, however these scenes are from the original, uncut version taken from YouTube. I have also included images that are still included in the film, that are of females flaunting themselves when it comes to being chosen by men. Kind of like, the sexiest creature wins, the most attractive woman will be chosen, the more flaunting = the more desirable. Hardly a lesson that should be practiced infront of children! Their actions, revealing outfits and sexual vibe is most obvious in the film; simply to make themselves ‘more desirable’ to the approaching males (who are strangers!) How very moral of you Disney!


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